Friday, October 17, 2008

Still-life Arrangements

My wife and I have long been a creative team. Teri is skilled in matte-cutting and custom mounting and framing of fine art photography. She is also a master stain-glass worker and an excellent oil painter, designer, and colorist. I am an oil painter, watercolorist, and fine art photographer.

In recent years, Teri and I found ourselves receiving a growing number of invitations to weddings and other celebrations where a gift was expected. We decided that selecting a typical piece of fine art was risky, since tastes differ widely. We scoured the gift shops. We considered simply using the registries. Nothing seemed right.

We wanted to give gifts that were uniquely personal, gifts that would be cherished for a lifetime. Teri conceived of the still-life arrangements to enable us to do this.

These arrangements of still-life images symbolizing a name or expression of commitment were a huge hit. We began receiving letters of heartfelt gratitude for gifts that would be cherished for generations.

Word spread. Friends and friends of friends began asking to buy these heirlooms to hang in their own homes or to give to others. We obliged, happily.

Now we have made these custom art pieces available to the public. We create the still-life images; combine them to form the symbolic statement; and then matte, mount, and frame them. We sign the matte before mounting it behind glass in a sealed frame. Finally, we package and ship to the buyer.

Because each symbolic statement is handmade in this way, orders usually must be received well in advance. Contact Chuck Sale Photography directly for information on prices, ordering, and delivery. See Contact Info.

Chuck Sale
Chuck Sale Photography
Colorado Springs, Colorado