Friday, March 12, 2010

February in Colorado

February is a cold month in Colorado Springs, and sometimes gray. But Colorado is not an enduringly gray place, even in winter. The clouds always threaten to part, and the sun always threatens to illuminate. Always there is change, variety, natural wonders coming and going.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Artist Friends

I am inspired by and sometimes collaborate with many other artists. Here are a few I am happy to introduce. I will introduce others in later posts.

Debbie Francis is an example of someone with a good eye (see above). She travels frequently as an IBM troubleshooter and takes along her little camera--nothing fancy, just a point-and-shoot. I do the post processing for her. Here is a street scene in Denmark, rendered as digital art.

Here is a slideshow of other images she got during her Denmark trip.

Check out the work of the others. My brother Greg is a skilled wildlife photographer.


For excellent instruction in art, particularly composition, visit Coni Grant's blog.

Chuck Sale || Colorado Springs, Colorado